Economy boost

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We are delighted to see the focus of the new Scottish economic strategy being not only to boost economic growth but also to tackle inequality and see Scotland match the best performing countries in Europe (your report, 4 March).

Inequality has a negative impact on long-term economic growth and prosperity, with the International Monetary Fund finding that lower income inequality correlates with faster and more durable growth.

It is therefore not only morally just but also economic common sense to tackle inequality.

However, boosting competitiveness and delivering 
economic growth will require investment in infrastructure and improved innovation through 
research and development, as well as supporting and increasing the number of companies that export.

Delivering this economic strategy will require a partnership between the Scottish Government, business community, public sector and civic society, signing up to implement it.

Scotland shares many of the characteristics of the group of countries that regularly come top of the international economic rankings, the majority of which have a population less than 10 million.

It is therefore an appropriate aspiration, as envisaged by the Scottish Government, for Scotland to rank alongside this group of top-performing economies.

Dan MacdonALD

Foundder, N-56

George Street