Early schooling

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Starting primary school at seven years old rather than at five (your report, 22 August) as in, for example, Finland, is a sound idea, provided that the need for quality early-years professionally programmed pre-school development is recognised and a national system put in place.

Presumably Holyrood’s very quiet Early Years Task Force has this in hand. Concentrating on “children’s overall health and well-being until the age of seven” means little without qualification and bench marks of success.

So far Holyrood publicly has focused on enabling parents being able to get back to work by providing yet more hours of state-funded child care, but what is being set up for the youngsters’ development?

Where is the plan to ensure they do benefit from the equalising nature of a national professionally staffed system to give them all the best start at school proper? Our government seems to have lost the plot, as it has in other aspects of educational endeavour.

Joe Darby