Duo blundered into EU muddle

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THE expensive and much vaunted SNP White Paper imploded before the ink was dry. The “best and brightest politicians” of the present generation, seemed unaware of the certain reaction of the EU veto-holding Spanish.

They were similarly blinded rabbits in the headlights and unconvincing with regard to their bland assertions that the foreign country they wish to make Scotland would somehow be welcomed into the Sterling Zone.

No Plan B had been prepared. Mr Salmond and Ms Sturgeon are solely at fault here; they must truly believe that if they say something it must be true and unquestioned. The referendum next September could well be humiliating and the bookies’ long odds on the pro-UK side winning appear well justified.

Putting aside incompetence, the biggest failing of the Salmond-Sturgeon duo has been in their reluctance to trust the people of this country with the truth. Instead we have had these at times ludicrous and condescending assertions and sweeping assumptions. In the end this inability to be straight and honest has caught up with them and fatally wounded any last hopes they may have had of winning the referendum

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh