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I SHALL be writing to the Electoral Commission to suggest the “offer” of enhanced devolution from politicians within Better Together, who do not even have the authority of the UK parliament to make any kind of proposal, is illegal at this point in the official campaign period, especially when numbers of electors have already voted and so have no opportunity to consider it.

What the unionist politicians are doing is effectively trying to rewrite the ballot paper, squeezing their last-minute ideas into the box labelled No. They are “offering” a guarantee – something they are in no position to give – of enacting measures that 1, are not going to be crystallised until after the poll, 2, are likely to be watered down in Commons debate, 3, will be handed down from on high like everything else in this undemocratic UK, 4, will not be put to any kind of consultation with the people, and 5, we can be fairly sure will be inadequate for Scotland’s needs.

Notice Gordon Brown’s words: “We will kick off a plan to deliver the enhanced devolution we want.” For “we” read: “your Westminster lords and masters”.

We can enjoy a wee laugh at their panic, but this is serious. Voting is now ongoing, some voters are being cheated. This is a classic pig in a poke.

I hope enough of our compatriots remember previous incidents of Scotland being hoodwinked and not let them sell us this one. I also hope the Electoral Commission may be persuaded to move against this. Meanwhile, Scotland should not hold its breath.


Crawford Avenue

Gauldry, Fife