Doing time?

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LAST week, the Equality Network launched the “It’s Time” video campaign in favour of same-sex marriages. The hope is that Holyrood will legislate and show to the world what a “fair and progressive country” Scotland is.

Meanwhile, in France, which has recently permitted such marriages to take place, the mayor of Arcangues is being sued by a homosexual couple after refusing to marry them.

According to reports, he faces a potential fine of €75,000 (£64,000) and a five-year prison sentence. What assurances are the Scottish people being 
offered that those public servants such as registrars who cannot, in conscience, play a role in same-sex marriages will be protected from such legal challenges?

What sort of “fair” treatment will be meted out to those who uphold traditional views? While those who support this legislation cry “it’s time”, will those who do not soon find themselves “doing time”?

Dr Euan Dodds

Considine Gardens