Ditching debt not so simple

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ANDREW Wilson (Insight, 23 February) states that “you cannot default on debt that isn’t yours” and he may be right. However, if it is universally recognised that, signed receipt or not, you freely accepted part of that loan from a third party and then decided to walk away from any obligation to repay, you might just have some future difficulties.

If you agree to repay only on being given access to that third party’s bank account, your actions might be even more questionable. To call the representatives of that third party “sleekit” in the hearing of the world at large, as your young spokesman did on television the other night, is really giving yourself a “dreadful reputational tag”.

If, in the argument, you fail to mention that it was not that third party (Westminster) but another interested body (the Welsh government) which first raised serious concerns about your proposed actions then you are very likely to be regarded as exceedingly untrustworthy.

Dr A McCormick, Dumfries