Devo promises

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As AN over-60s Fifer I am statistically supposed to vote No. But I find it extraordinary ­anyone could be so taken in by scare stories which, when you ­investigate them, are largely unfounded.

Now we are supposed to believe a bunch of ­unsubstantiated, ­unconfirmed, unwritten “devo promises” from three party leaders who are not renowned for agreeing on any­thing much.

If No votes prevail, devo-anything will be on the back burner.

Nichola Fletcher MBE



If THERE is a close No vote we can expect devo-max, perhaps. If there is a close Yes vote, I would expect a long drawn-out process towards independence.

But if there is an overwhelming Yes victory, independence should be as swift as possible and the sterling zone which already exists should accommodate Scotland, which is best for all. If there is an overwhelming No vote then expect no extra powers for Holyrood; London will use a delaying tactic, then there will be the general election and if Ukip gets into coalition we can expect Holyrood to be abolished. In any event of a No, expect knighthoods for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling.

Graham Young

Polepark Road