Democratic hope

Have your say

I would be delighted if my 
concerns finally found a voice.

I would love to have voted in this referendum. Unfortunately, though I have heard that every vote counts, mine clearly does not.

What a pity. Neither David Cameron nor Alex Salmond is interested. I have petitioned both in my desire to exercise a fundamental democratic right.

I am a proud Scot who, after graduating from the University of Edinburgh, went on to live and work in Europe.

For many years I voted by proxy but unfortunately my right to vote was removed during 
the years of Tony Blair’s government.

I have no vote here in Germany nor do I have a vote in any UK election. Nor do my three adult daughters: UK citizens born here in Germany.

I am a taxpaying professional who follows politics both in the UK and here in Europe. The fact that I am disenfranchised ails me. I look on at the historic decisions being made and yet I have had no part.

Yes, I am Scottish and at the same time feel European but I have no vote and no-one cares.

Perhaps in the brave, new world of an independent Scotland I will get a new passport and have my vote and human rights restored.

At least I can hope.

Alison Johnston