Defence priorities

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If Andrew Gray (Letters, 5 
February) wants to see our conventional defence forces “beefed up”, I suggest he directs some of his not inconsiderable energy towards the Tory general election strategist, George Osborne, and I commend to him the defence analysis by Tim Ripley published in The Scotsman (31 January).

In his article, Mr Ripley concludes that there are no votes for the Conservatives in the warship orders promised for the Clyde and that the building of the Type 26 frigates on the Clyde is likely to be squeezed out.

He is also of the opinion that defence spending will be prioritised politically around marginal constituencies such as the six surrounding Portsmouth.

And the removal of the Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre to Hampshire is just another indicator of where Scotland figures in the Conservatives’ list of priorities.

Mr Gray displays dogged loyalty towards the Union, but maybe it’s time to speak up for Scotland now.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street