Defence cuts

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It is immoral when the Labour Party left the government with black holes in all the department finances that 20,000 
servicemen have to suffer and lose their job (your report, 23 January).

It is immoral that the nation’s defence is being cut dramatically because the government needs to save money.

Five thousand, three hundred servicemen are about to join the dole queue. Where are they going to find a job, with thousands of others struggling to find employment?

The morale of the services must be at an all-time low.

Young men can still join but the defence policy looks like: “Get them in young and get them out while they are still young to avoid pension costs”.

I spent a long time in the forces. Would I do it again?

Certainly not, not when you are not guaranteed a career with them and continually looking over your shoulder.

(Major) Bob Ritchie