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RECENT correspondence on native woodland indicates the need for better protection for our wild land. Without this their landscape, wildlife and outdoor recreation values will be impaired. Sound scientific knowledge, clear policy objectives and effective financial support must underpin this work.

Reference has been made to the National Nature Reserves at Abernethy, Creag Meagaidh and the Cairngorms. Management action in these places, over many years, has clearly demonstrated that the restoration of the natural forest is dependent on one issue – the control of red deer numbers.

A walk through the magnificent tracts of young trees in Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms provides living proof of what effective red deer control can achieve. The one question left is why are other land managers not learning from this experience? 

The Old Caledonian Pinewoods are special, handed down to us by natural seeding, generation after generation. And they are capable of regenerating, where deer managers, not gardeners are in control

Those in charge of public funds should, therefore, stop wasting our money by planting the wrong trees in the wrong places.

Dave Morris


Ramblers Scotland

Milnathort, Kinross