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Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander and cohorts should be ashamed of themselves for their political posturing and rubbishing of Chief Constable Sir Stephen House’s suggestion of having a few uniformed armed police on routine duties.

Are they not aware that the threat level in the UK is higher than it has been for years? Scotland is now a soft touch for terrorists and armed hold-ups at banks and shopping centres.

Policing should be left to the Chief Constable and his senior officers who have first-hand experience of the dangers we face. While on beat duties in Glasgow my colleagues and I were sent to armed hold-ups at banks and building societies with only a baton to defend ourselves.

Is this really what Mr Danny Alexander wishes? Could the recent armed robbery at RBS in Edinburgh have been avoided?

Certainly not by a uniformed policeman waving a 15in baton. Without an armed police deterrent let us hope that there is no escalation of similar incidents.

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street

Portknockie, Buckie