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May I respond to Sally Stott’s 
review of my play Welcome To Terezin (20 August)?

She writes: “Philip Glassborow’s script – with lines like ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead without my yellow star’ – crosses the boundaries of taste.”

This line is in fact taken from an actual spoof fashion show, written and performed by prisoners in a concentration camp in 1944. We only dared to approach the subject of the Holocaust through music, drama and even comedy because the brave people whose story we celebrate in this play used the very same weapons.

We dare to follow in their footsteps, knowing we tread on sacred ground. The play has been developed in close liaison with survivors of the camps, who have given the play their enthusiastic blessing. On Tuesday a survivor visited the play at the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh and approved it heartily.

Philip Glassborow

Bereweeke Way

Winchester, Hampshire