Cycle of pollution

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At ABOUT noon on Saturday, an army of cyclists descended on the Scottish Parliament and in order to facilitate their ride – and those running around in circles yesterday under the auspices of the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run – the city council closed the Royal Mile, parts of Holyrood Park and chunks of the Old Town. The result was that my street was filled with cars, vans and motorcycles – mostly motionless with their engines running.

I must ask those motorists – as we did 75 years ago – was your journey really necessary? I thank them for filling the lungs of my neighbours’ children with particulates and carbon monoxide. Your contribution to our health was greatly appreciated; I can only wish for the same for you one day. I should also thank the cyclists – and the MSPs who led them – for taking the action which, by extension, contributed to such a poisonous event.

I am sure that your hearts are swelled with the joys of having done your bit for cycling and saving the planet for another year. In fact, a plague on both your houses. Next year try saving – or poisoning – the planet on your own street, OK?

David Fiddimore

Calton Road