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Some of your readers have written to say they are confused as to why Yes Scotland wants us to be an independent country, but has many supporters who want to remain in the EU. The EU does not govern its members in the way that Westminster governs Scotland.

The UN sets a worldwide framework for acceptable behaviour by countries, for example no chemical weapons, no invading other sovereign states, and so on. In the same way, the EU sets a framework for acceptable behaviour by its member countries, including human rights, workers’ rights, trading standards and so on.

Many big companies and their wealthy owners want to exploit workers, which is why they are opposed to EU membership.

Many readers also assume that there is a fundamental problem with the euro currency. If you borrow money that you have no hope of paying back then you will be in trouble. That is not the fault of the currency, it is your fault.

The southern European countries built up huge debts that they could not afford to repay. That was their fault, not the fault of the euro. When we are an independent country it will be up to the people of Scotland to decide whether they want to be in the EU, and what currency they want to use.

Andrew Collins

Skinners Steps