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Marianne E McMaster’s preferred description of Northern Ireland is incorrect (Letters, 12 February). Ulster has nine counties, not six. I dare say the other three counties may feel equally irked to be linked to the wrong part of that island.

Fortunately for rugby and its spectators, the Irish team gathers its members from all four provinces and we can enjoy that this weekend.

LV McEwan

Kirkhill Road


That the people of that portion of Ulster which is otherwise identifiable as Northern Ireland “share an identity with Scotland”, as Marianne E McMaster asserts, should come as no surprise, as they are largely the descendants of a Plantation of Scots to that province.

There is, however, a case for arguing that Sinn Fein is the true Ulster Unionist party, as it is an advocate for the restoration of the Province of Ulster to its 
original nine counties.

Aonghas MacNeacail