Costly mistake

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I’m sure the small £100 fee paid to Dr Elliot Bulmer (your report, 23 August) was actually to maintain professional indemnity insurance cover for the article he wrote for the other newspaper, something that all professionals have to charge to survive in these hard-nosed times.

So why couldn’t “they” have dreamed up this reason and then we wouldn’t have the pain of reading about all the e-mail secrecy and “attack on democracy” nonsense.

Have they nothing better to do with their time?

Also, once this independence lark goes pear-shaped, how many of these experts will be around for us to sue?

Do politicians carry such professional indemnity insurance? One wonders.

It seems that Joe Public just has to pay for their mistakes regardless, unlike those of us in private business who have to cough up for our mistakes or go bust. The independence mistake could be very expensive for ­generations to come. So let’s see the risk assessments and business plan.

John Addison

Midlothian Innovation 

Roslin, Midlothian