Corrupt targets

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I hope that the MPs and their puppet masters at Westminster realise that the investigation into paedophile rings in high places from the 1960s to the 1990s (there are published allegations of child murders, for heaven’s sake) exposes a significant number of MPs, Lords and Generals – those who think it is their natural place to rule the country – that this will be the end for them.

It will make the parliamentary expenses scandal look like stealing sweeties from the tuck shops of the privileged schools that most of them attended.

The ordinary citizens will demand constitutional reform on a scale not seen since the 1640s.

A rapid transition to full proportional representation for the Lords and Commons will only be the start of it.

Although that, per se, won’t keep the paedophiles from creeping back into the seats of power it, and the police record and intelligence checks that current workers with children are subject to, it will be a first step in the right 
direction. It would make representatives a little less dependent on a party political patronage system, now seen clearly for what it is – a number of cartels which promote nothing before self-interest, sometimes fatally corrupted self-interest at that.

We must, eventually, find a better way of selecting those who make the decisions we all depend upon.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road