Constitution for nation essential

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EUAN McColm displays incredible optimism if he really believes that an independent Scotland can do without a proper constitution (“Romantic notion of constitution will tie our new nation in knots”, Comment, 30 March).

Surely one glance at the present semi-democratic and semi-secular British state, with its anachronistic Ruritanian remnants of imperial power, would convince anyone of the need to radically change it, at the very least to democratise it and give it a modern constitution fit for the 21st century.

And is this not what the Scottish referendum is primarily about, namely the restoration of full democracy to Scotland, one of the oldest nation states in Europe? In such a transformative process, for a Scotland emerging from colonial status, a modern constitution is surely essential, if only to safeguard the democratic process, to enhance its promotion, to protect dissenters within it and to secure the public peace.

Most constitutions are about all these things.

I recommend to your readers Dr Elliot Bulmer’s A Model Constitution For Scotland, published in 2011 under the auspices of the Scottish Constitutional Commission. This is subtitled “making democracy work for an independent state”.

Randolph Murray, Rannoch