Constant Queen

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Once again her Christmas message reminded us that Elizabeth II is the voice of Christianity in this nation at a time when the leaders of our national and mainline churches, distracted by institutional trivialities, issue seasonal greetings which are routinely depressing and often incoherent.

It would be absurd for this formidable woman, arguably the only figure of historic importance alive in Britain today, to be bullied into retiring in favour of Prince Charles, her frequently wayward son who has yet to comprehend the nature of constitutional monarchy.

The prince is a decent chap but he has a tiresome tendency to deliver an ex-cathedra opinion on almost anything and the problem is that warbling on about global warming or promoting medieval health cures is one thing; publicly comparing the Russian president to Hitler is quite another.

(Rev Dr) John

Howard Place

St Andrews

I am no Royalist but I do feel a bit uncomfortable when I hear and read about people shouting for the destruction of the monarchy.

I think we need to be rational and pragmatic about this.

How much power does the Queen really have? Can anyone give any examples of major decisions she has influenced or overturned that they are unhappy about?

Yes, the royal family cost money, but they also bring it in. You would be amazed by the number of people who visit the UK in order to get a closer look at the Windsors’ castles and belongings.

A lot of those people come to Scotland on the back of that kind of tourism. I’m not sure we should dismiss it altogether.

Just because it’s not our cup of tea, doesn’t mean it is useless.

Roger Bryson

Blackford Avenue