Compelling case for a Yes vote

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CHANCELLOR George Osborne made some interesting revelations in his recent statement on the economy.

If you are 16 years old, you will now have to wait till you’re 70 for your retirement pension.

If you are in your forties, you will now wait till you’re 68.

He also predicted it will be 2019/20 before the UK is in the black.

These seem to me to be utterly compelling reasons for voting Yes.

However, Mr Osborne is nothing if not consistent, and so far his predictions have always been wrong. These forecasts may be over-optimistic!

It is only fair to say the performances of his predecessors are equally abysmal.

Alistair Darling failed to see the Crash coming till it struck the country like a train, and when Gordon Brown confidently stated we had seen the end of “boom-bust”, he was certainly right about the “boom” but got it somewhat wrong about the “bust”.

Still, one out of two isn’t bad compared with some contemporaries.

In our own Holyrood, Iain Gray, then Labour’s transport minister, in March 2003, committed £375 million to build a tram service to serve north and west of the city of Edinburgh, to be running by 2009.

He assured us that the money would pay for at least the North Edinburgh Loop. The extent to which it has run over budget is exceeded only by the £1.6 billion of the London Underground’s Jubilee Line.

The project was opposed tooth and nail by the SNP but sadly supported by all other parties, one would hope to their political cost.

The same Iain Gray is now Labour’s finance spokesman in Holyrood. The best man for the job?

Joseph G Miller, Dunfermline