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THE pollsters tell us this ­General Election is too close to call but as a veteran observer I trust the bookmakers and they are marking up David Cameron at around 
3/1 on.

He has done an excellent job of cleaning up the mess left by Gordon Brown, turning round the economy, delivering record employment, apprenticeships and new businesses.

The alternative is Brown’s little helpers, the trade-union placeman Ed Miliband and his economic rottweiler Ed Balls, both ready to take us back to the Sombre Seventies.

Labour needs to capture 69 seats if it is to win but in this “springtime for Salmond” they may in fact lose 20 seats in Scotland which means 89 seats in the south – a huge reach. 

The only way Labour can get control of this country is if it buys the SNP’s support and the price of that is the destruction of the United Kingdom – so the choice could not be clearer.

(Rev Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews, Fife