Cleaner living

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ON A recent bus journey from Edinburgh to North Queensferry, I saw countless bottles, cans, paper, polystyrene cups and crisp packets littering the roadside.

Why is it that some element of our society believes that it is acceptable to simply throw litter away for someone else (hopefully) to pick up? Why do they not care about their environment?

If we Scots purport to love our country so much, it is time that we object to this sort of behaviour and the complete disregard for our environment.

I was brought up in this country when we had signs and campaigns saying “Keep Britain Tidy”. That’s what my family taught me to do and I have passed this message on to my own daughter.

What has gone wrong in the meantime? Other countries have exceptionally clean streets; I know because I lived abroad for many years and was aware of the attitude towards litter there. Now that I have returned home, I feel quite ashamed when my friends come to visit me in Scotland.

Jill Nelson

Hewitt Place

Aberdour, Fife