Classical music artists omitted

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YET again, Alexander Bryce’s classical music review (Spectrum, 7 July) suffers from omission of the identities of the artistes involved. It is inconceivable that this could happen in the review of any other category of music. How about, “this rehash of old Beatles’ songs is well sung, played and recorded” without telling us by whom.

I suspect that Mr Bryce is not to blame for this oversight, although if restraints of space caused the editor to wield the scissors, the reviewer may now regret his irrelevant introductory lesson on how Beethoven and Chopin wrote concertos. People reading this review were likely to know that.

For anyone interested, the missing information is that Barry Douglas was the pianist and Lukasz Dlugosz the flautist, accompanied by the Warsaw Philharmonic conducted by Antoni Wit.

My suspicion that classical music is accorded only token coverage by Scotland on Sunday is further reinforced.

Bill Greenock, Glasgow