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I FIND it odd for Graham Spiers, ostensibly a sports journalist, to be so exercised about Christianity, especially when he lives “a fairly secular life” (Perspective, 6 April). He seems to think that church life should be encouraged, even if he himself does not participate.

Certainly, church has a social function – which to many seems to be its only function. Most churchgoers are largely ignorant of the origin of the Gospels and their inconsistencies. For example, they do not know that Jesus was not a carpenter: he was a builder. Most churchgoers relegate the historical life of Jesus to a secondary place, retaining it merely as a myth in which their spiritual experiences are focused.

The Most Rev David Chillingworth (Platform, same day) tells the same old story: where Judas betrays Jesus and Pilate is a coward. Neither can be true; Judas only did his master’s bidding and Pilate’s cruel nature was whitewashed in the Gospels so as not to blame Rome for a god’s death. The true story of Jesus’ life is hidden in the Gospels, only revealed to those with ears to hear.

Steuart Campbell

Dovecot Loan