Christians suffer

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The European Court’s ruling against Christians with conscientious objections to homosexual relationships (your report, 16 January) is another step towards the persecution of Christians in Britain.

In each of the cases, the ­employers made no effort to accommodate the Christians, instead ejecting them for failing to uphold the state-sponsored new morality.

How exactly are the rights of a gay couple infringed by being 
allocated a registrar or counsellor from a list of, say, nine instead of ten? They clearly are not. This is about crushing dissent, not protecting minorities. The all-powerful, government-funded gay lobby encourages employers to enforce their ideology on their behalf. Ben Summerskill of Stonewall recently described an employee’s comment that same-sex marriage is “an equality too far” as “offensive”.

He thought that demotion and a pay cut of 40 per cent was 
a “disproportianate” response, though. To correct Mr Summerskill, this action was not “disproportionate”.

It was an outrageous injustice and appalling mistreatment of a man for expressing his mainstream Christian views.

Richard Lucas

Colinton Road