Christian fibre

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David Robertson, of St 
Peter’s Free Church, Dundee, complains (Letters, 29 October) that secularists want Christians to be “like the local 
knitting club”, not allowed to “interfere with anything in
 public life”.

The trouble is that too many Christians behave like the local knitting club, insisting that the law must compel everyone to knit two plain and one purl before breakfast (though never mixing fibres: Leviticus 19:19) and that same-sex couples must never be allowed to do any knitting at all.

Paul Brownsey

Larchfield Road


Neil Barber’s comments (Letters, 28 October) on the Free Church of Scotland submissions to the Smith Commission are little short of insulting.

The Free Church leaders are purely defending Scotland’s Christian heritage, which is under attack from all quarters, especially by Humanist and secularist propagandists, the people with a real agenda seeking to undermine Christianity.

The Free Church is the true public voice in society today 
and furthermore the political class we are lumbered with 
are ignoring that voice at their peril.

The Scottish people are a 
covenanted people and it is incumbent upon us to seek God’s will in all our affairs, civil and religious.

Ronald Shewan