Chaos theory

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Paul Hannah and Clark Cross (Letters, 3 October) make a number of factually incorrect statements which need to be answered. Roy Turnbull is not (as stated) a “leading (renewable) light in Stop Climate Chaos Scotland”. Nor does Stop Climate Chaos Scotland receive “taxpayer funding”.

It is not the climate-change “lobby” or “green fundamentalists” who inform considered views on climate change; it is the expert scientific community. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is happening and as a result of human activity.

Those who want to help in this crisis for our future make decisions based on the scientific consensus. Inaccurate and partial comments about individuals, institutions and climate ­science do not help.

Millions of people around the world (including in Scotland) understand the price our children will pay if we do not act.

Those people are working to achieve the positive outcome of a sustainable and prosperous future for those children and our planet; it can be attained but only if we act, and support our politicians in acting, now.

Tom Ballantine

Stop Climate Chaos 

Rose Street