Chance to create jobs for young

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IT WAS good to see Stephanie Flanders highlight the issue of youth unemployment in her column in Scotland on Sunday (Another Voice, 6 July).

She praised the Prince’s Trust for the work it does in training young people and helping some of them set up in business. However, she made no mention of the potential for the public sector to directly create jobs.

We have a surplus of organisations which provide training and renovate premises for jobs which in many parts of the country simply do not exist at the present time.

It seems like common sense to provide agencies such as local authorities and the NHS with funds to create jobs in socially useful areas such as personal care, nursing and educational support staff.

In creating these types of jobs, services are improved. The local economy also gets a boost through more people working and having money to spend in local businesses.

It is time to make use of our public sector as a vehicle to directly create the jobs needed to get our young people a decent chance of a reasonable life.

Arthur West, Irvine