Challenge SNP on independence

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I SUSPECT that many Scots would like to see an independent Scotland but we have yet to challenge the SNP on its ­vision for an independent Scotland. Should we vote for independence then we’re in for some genuinely hard ­negotiations, but we’ll get there.

My problem is that I view the SNP as cowards as they have made it clear they don’t actually want an independent Scotland and instead want to hide behind the skirts of the EU and the Bank of England. That is by no means independence.

What we should be doing is pushing the SNP to change its views on EU membership and on joining a sterling zone.

I’m sure that most of us would really like to be independent but when the SNP won’t accept responsibility for it and instead wants to hand that independence to the EU and Bank of England then our brave new independent Scotland will be a disaster.

We have way over a year before the referendum so it’s time that we challenged the SNP to be the kind of party that we’d like to see – and 
not a bunch of cowards that are clearly reluctant to 
stand up for us if we vote for independence.

Alastair McIntyre, via email