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I see that Nigel Boddy (Letters, 25 February) has revived the thought of having Parliament in Yorkshire. This idea surfaced more than 50 years ago.

It may have been due to Brazil creating a new capital in Brasilia. It may have reflected the useful experience of Australia, Canada and the US in separating the largest cities and financial centres from the seat of government.

A cynic might suggest that the suggestion was doomed as moonlighting by MPs and others would have been impaired. He might even think that lobbying would be made more difficult and that the revolving door from politics and administration to the private sector would get stuck.

Whatever the reasons for rejecting the suggestion, such a move would have made “better together” more credible.

Access by train and air from all parts is not a problem. It would also have relieved the pressures on the south-east of the UK.

It might even have improved knowledge in England as to where “up North” in their own country really is.

LV McEwan

Kirkhall Road