Cemetery shame

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The City of Edinburgh Council and its bereavement service at Mortonhall are in charge of the safety check of monuments in their cemeteries. In many cases stones are laid flat.

This office holds records of owners of these lairs, and guidelines state that owners should be contacted if stones are to be checked.

However, the officer in charge informs me these are only guidelines and they have decided not to follow this course.

If an organisation that is supposed to deal with grief and look after our family monuments finds time to flatten most of its cemeteries but has no time to give warning to families, it is not fit for purpose.

Property is treated with no respect. These monuments do not belong to officers at Mortonhall.

Again, our city is failing in its duty and an inspection by our citizens of our cemeteries would be a eye-opener.

Many resemble Armageddon. Yet again, Mortonhall should come under scrutiny. Badly done, Edinburgh.

Doris Duff

Belmont Gardens