Cat fight looms

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“Effing Tories”. A “purring” head of state. David Cameron has bandied about some oddly chosen and objectionable adjectives recently.

At the Conservative party conference, riding along on the crest of his Union wave, a buoyant Boris Johnson gave triumphant “permission to purr” to the eagerly assembled Tory faithful.

Better Together parliamentarians at Westminster should not forget that in Scotland, ears are finely tuned to the varying cadences of purring and crowing, and we utterly detest the latter.

Scots are an outward-looking people. There was, until now, every reason to have been confident that, whether Yes voters or No, we might have continued to reject the stance that is “anti-English”; reject still more the stance that is anti-EU. It has become a sad fact that our ability to reject the former may be brought directly into conflict with our need to distance ourselves from the latter. Much will depend on current dramatic shifts in the political map.

Let’s see what happens in the merry month of May. Feline-fanciers would remind us that, around that time, purring cats across the UK will be having kittens. How many elected Tories might be doing the same, knowing the feral offspring of Nigel Farage has already begun to prowl the corridors of parliament?


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