Cash raid on UK

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We were told during the referendum debate that Scotland is far more pro-EU than the rest of the UK. This a myth perpetuated in Joyce McMillan’s column (Perspective, 24 October).

We now have a chance to prove it, as every man, woman and child in Scotland will have to find (or have taken from benefits, etc) £15 by 1 December in order to bolster EU coffers.

The EU will not come round to each door, but is demanding that the UK government pay, even though this amount is extra to the agreed budget.

Is this money being used to help poorer nations around the world? No, the citizens of the UK, Netherlands and even cash-strapped Italy, Greece and 
Cyprus are giving money to help France and Germany.

Perhaps for once the Scottish Government will stand up for its people, support the UK government and say No to the impos­ition of this £15-per-head surcharge on every Scottish citizen.

I support the EU, but not to the extent that it can raid my wallet whenever it needs extra monies to support very wealthy countries.

(Dr) Roger I

Turretbank Place