patient seeking damages over smoking ban

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It is not a total ban. People 
are allowed to smoke in their place of residence and Carstairs is Mr McCann’s place of 

- Charles11

Madness. But with a certain 
air of inevitably about it.

- Vote NO

It is surely not outwith the
intelligence of health fascists to have a smoking room or rooms with adequate ventilation. The government is happy to dole out methadone to addicts, but hell mend you if you dare to
go against the greenie, tree-
hugging, trendy-leftie strictures and do something perfectly legal like smoking.

- Guga

I am a health fascist. I 
object to my taxes being used to pay for the damage done and public expense incurred by smokers and drinkers, and for having my health and safety threatened by such activities. Smokers and drinkers must still pay and so must the industries that profit from them.

- Ancient Wisdom

I can’t believe this person 
thinks he’s going to win this ridiculous case.

- Finbarr Saunders

Some 86 per cent voted
for a partial ban. A partial ban does not necessarily require people to be sent outdoors. 
Up until a few years ago that would most clearly have been defined as a full ban. There would even be a real benefit 
in terms of fire safety as 
clandestine and isolated 
smoking and the pursuant 
hasty and improper disposal of
butts would be greatly reduced. 
Patients should sue.

- Michael J McFadden

Yet another waste of the
Legal Aid budget. They should repeal the Human Rights Act. There has been no noticeable benefit to any law-abiding 
British citizen. We worked 
well without it.

- Armia