Carbon omissions

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You report that Scottish ­Renewables claims that renewable energy projects have removed carbon dioxide equivalent to that emitted by every (Scottish?) motor vehicle journey for a year (“CO2 ‘success’ hailed by Scottish Renewables”, 26 July).

This seems to ignore the fact that the largest contributor to ­renewable generation, wind farms, generate at their full ­capacity the equivalent of only two days a week and that the downtime has to be met by ­generation from conventional (fossil fuel) plant.

The result is that wind farms at least save no carbon dioxide and may actually cause an increase in emissions.

Renewable energy offers no advantages and many disadvantages (more carbon dioxide, extra cost, intermittent and unreliable generation, and ruination of the landscape – and seascape when they get there). It is madness to continue with it.

Steuart Campbell

Dovecot Loan