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Every morning, I pass two massive Yes Scotland billboards that perfectly exemplify the nationalist con. The first asks: “What would you say to living in one of the world’s wealthiest nations?” My answer is that I already 
do live in one of the world’s wealthiest nations as part of 
a strong, secure, stable, prosperous and influential United Kingdom. I have no interest in 
jeopardising this. 

The second ad is an enormous “Can’t” with the apostrophe and “t” crossed out to make “Can”. Does Yes Scotland really imagine the word “can” to be synonymous with the word “should”?

Better Together does not argue that Scotland can’t break away, go it alone, etc. Instead, it argues that we shouldn’t do so. There is a very big difference.

It also occurs to me that Ukip could run precisely the same ad campaign to encourage us to quit the European Union – an ambition SNP ministers consistently (but inconsistently) scoff at.


Netherton Gate