Bullying tactics

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former SNP leader Gordon Wilson (your report, 5 March) is the latest Nationalist to issue ­increasingly alarmist predictions of what will befall Scotland ­unless there is mass immigration into the country.

Indeed, the Scottish Government in its publication Scotland’s Future makes it quite clear that immigration and population growth are essential to growing the country’s economy.

Scottish Government ministers, MSPs and MEPs have indulged in a concerted campaign to frighten and bully Scots into accepting mass immigration.

The leadership of the SNP exhibits the inferiority complex known as the “Scottish Cringe” as it believes that “Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid” to make a success of independence without immigrants.

The days when the SNP could scaremonger Scots into accepting mass immigration are gone. Scots will refuse to be intimidated because it is not in their interests to accept unplanned and unpredictable population growth.

Jim Stewart

Oxgangs Avenue