Bottomless pit

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Far be it from me to contradict my former teacher, Alistair Harper (Letters, 10 May), but the landscaped spoil bings at the St Ninian’s opencast coal site in Fife do not resemble “vast quasi-Assyrian ziggurats” – rather, they look like what they are: grass-covered spoil bings.

Only in Fife could an opencast coal mining company get away with passing off industrial
devastation as art – which can only be viewed from the air – rather than reinstate the land to its former condition.

Mr Harper is though right to question whether the rolling bond set aside for the restoration of the devastated site will be forthcoming as promised by Fife Council whenever objections were voiced.

I know one thing for sure: the damage to the environment and the cost of reinstatement, if that can ever be achieved, will be borne by those who reaped no benefit from the St Ninian’s opencast scheme – council tax payers.

Tom Minogue

Dunfermline, Fife