Bombarded with sexual messages

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THE point was raised that some children today seem to have a worrying attitude to sex in general (News, 3 ­November), but should we be surprised? From their earliest years they are bombarded by increasingly sexual messages in advertising and media of all kinds. Sex without the leavening of love or affection becomes a commodity to be sold and bartered.

We also have the situation where they are being told that sexual aberration in the form of homosexuality is to be positively encouraged, shortly to be followed by the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

How can we expect youngsters to have a rational, reasonable and moral attitude to sexual conduct when society in general promotes it on such a relentless and casual basis? No doubt this letter will be seen as old-fashioned, regressive and let’s not forget “bigoted” as well, but unfortunately it represents the thoughts of a majority in our society, a majority whose wishes are being ignored in the name of unwanted and unneeded scourges of “equality” and “diversity”.

Brian Allan, Kincardine-on-Forth