Bluster over wind

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The proposed Cairn Duhie wind farm overlooking the Moray Firth near Ferness threatens to blight the Dava Moor, but what is the point of it?

The website of developer RES talks about the urgent need to “address climate change” but it must know this is nonsense. Many recent studies have shown that the net CO2 savings from wind power are likely to be ­minimal, especially at the very high capacity being planned here in Scotland. In any case, anything we do here will have negligible impact globally.

The futility of wind power is borne out by the fact that the ­carbon efficiency of UK electricity generation has not improved one iota since recording started in 2005, despite all the wind farms built since then.

The “carbon intensity” index can be easily checked from the annually published Digest of UK Energy Statistics.

The only purpose of the Cairn Duhie wind farm, if it goes ahead, will be to allow the politicians to continue to make believe they are somehow saving the planet and the developers to continue to make their profits.

The resulting Cairn Duhie electricity will cost consumers about three times more than conventional electricity after subsidies and external wind power costs are taken into account.

If you agree this development should be stopped, it’s not too late to voice your own objection.

Douglas S Brodie

Sutors Gate