Biomass burden

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Bruno Berardelli’s support of biomass (Platform, 21 January) was interesting for what was omitted rather than for what was included in his commentary.

Biomass on any meaningful scale would require the mass destruction of our precious woodlands, while at the same time pushing up the costs of building homes due to the resulting shortage of wood. In addition, these plans will require the use of vast amounts of arable land for willow to be grown, reducing the land available for food production and pushing up food prices.

Current plans for biomass will within 20 years far exceed the annual British timber harvest, which means the biomass will have to be imported at great carbon cost, no doubt contributing to the destruction of tropical rainforests.

To put this in perspective, it takes 158 acres to grow sufficient crops to fuel one car for a year – all this driven by the green lobby, despite the fact that wood emits more carbon dioxide than coal for the same amount of energy, after taking into account the hammer mill pelleting and drying processes.

The fact is that biomass will destroy our forests and countryside without any meaningful impact on CO2 emissions.

Alan Black

Camus Avenue