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It is disappointing for the future of UK democracy that Mary Wilson (Letters, 28 May) and others either cannot see, or refuse to see, the difference between a politician deliberately setting out to smear another individual and then lying about their knowledge of the smear, and a politician making a qualified general comment (“in terms of the debate”) under persistent questioning that may have been misleading to some, especially those looking to find fault with the individual making the comment, but clearly to objective observers was not a deliberate attempt to cause personal harm to anybody and was not a lie.

It is also disappointing for the future of Scotland that John Hunt (Letters, 27 May) and others either cannot see, or refuse to see, the straightforward logic of a country withdrawing from an outdated union rapidly declining in international influence while wishing to remain in the world’s largest and still growing trading union but with a direct voice.

Fortunately for future generations living in Scotland and the rest of the UK, increasing numbers of people are ready and able to see that persisting with having their lives controlled by a corrupt London-centric Westminster establishment is not the way to progress both their social and their economic aspirations.

Stan Grodynski


East Lothian