Beyond the shale

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I recently read an article that said that all prospective politicians should have an IQ test and sit examinations before they are even allowed to put themselves forward for election. Pity this was not in force for members of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) which proposed the amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that there should be a “moratorium on the hydraulic fracturing of shale gas deposits”.

This was unfortunately agreed by MPs and an important source of energy delayed.

The EAC appears to have only listened to the vocal green lobby run by zealots with dubious scientific facts. It also ignored an assurance from the Environmental Agency “that the use of hazardous substances would not be permitted”.The AEC perversely ignored Public Health England’s conclusion that the “current available evidence indicates that the potential risks will be low.”

AEC’s ignorance is shown when it said that fracking was inconsistent with reducing CO2 emissions under the Climate Change Act.

Do the members not know that America is the only country in the world to have reduced its emissions entirely due to shale gas? Britain’s energy future in their hands? Back to school I suggest.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road