BBC’s Hogmanay switches off viewers

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Like many expats worldwide, I was so looking forward to BBC Scotland’s Hogmanay programme.

What a disappointment. The audience in the former Fruitmarket looked like film extras, glued to the floor, their backs towards the acts.

Has the producer an aversion to tartan, which used to be a highlight for viewers from around the globe?

Even the aerial photographs the corporation boasted would give us super shots of the Edinburgh fireworks fell flat. And why was its presenter in the capital not among the throng, instead of being in an isolated position?

Every time the cameras switched to the Waverley stage where Twin Atlantic blared out, there was one woman right in the front who certainly was not enjoying the show, as she was being flattened against the crush barriers.

I was glad when it was all over, and I switched to Alba’s New Year ceilidh where I caught up with a real celebration of the incoming of the New Year, tartan and all!

Terry Duncan

Greame Road

Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Hugh Reilly’s comment (Scottish Perspective, 30 December) that we have to guess whom Jonathan Watson is portraying was unnecessarily cruel, though he is no Mike Yarwood, Rory Bremner, John Culshaw or Alistair McGowan.

Even so, the annual criticisms of the programme, by the Comedy Unit at BBC Scotland, have not been addressed.

This programme should be to Hogmanay what turkey is to Christmas, but it was the biggest turkey of all.

There are 42 clubs in the SPFL, but all the sketches were about the Old Firm, from what is boasted to be “the national network”.

In a whole year does nothing remotely funny ever happen at any other club, 
especially the larger ones in Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee?

Predictably, there were gags about Frank MacAvennie, a prominent player of 30 years ago, whom the younger generation don’t know. (Until last year we were getting Denis Law, for heaven’s sake!)

Is it too much to ask that our national broadcaster (sic) recognises that they have an audience outwith Glasgow?

John Lloyd

Keith Place

Inverkeithing, Fife