BBC outrages

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All TV licence payers must be dismayed to witness gigantic sums paid out by the BBC to Mr Enthistle (£450,000) and now another big sum, £185,000 plus costs, by way of (deserved) compensation to Lord McAlpine for causing him very grave distress (the sum would have been much greater had his Lordship not been prepared to accept a more modest sum than he could have obtained).

That licence payers’ fees should be used for these 
purposes is an outrage.

Compensation arising from their own negligence and 
stupidity should be paid out of the overblown BBC salaries of those personnel involved.

Lord Patten should resign but I suppose he would get even more out of this golden goose. Soon people are going to resist paying this already unpopular tax when they see how it is squandered.

Christian Orr Ewing

Shedden Park Road