BBC favourites will disappear

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I WAS delighted to see your article on 50 years of BBC2.

One issue that many of your readers may not realise is the SNP’s plan to get rid of the BBC in Scotland, and therefore we would lose automatic access to such gems as Fawlty Towers and Not The Nine O’Clock News, both of which started on BBC2.

When those of us that want to keep the BBC say that we raise £300 million in Scotland through the licence fee but get £3 billion worth of programmes – the Nationalists’ White Paper retorts by trying to pull the wool over our eyes by saying we will still get Strictly Come Dancing.

What they actually mean by this is that the Scottish Broadcasting Service will buy the occasional BBC programme, the way the BBC buys the occasional Danish television programme.

I’d rather keep all the BBC TV and radio channels on my TV and radio and not have to try to put up an aerial that gets a signal from Carlisle or have to try to listen on a computer.

Thomas McCafferty, Edinburgh