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I wonder how many among us find a strong sense of déjà vu in the referendum debate?

There is a great amount of premature triumphalism on the Yes side who feel that Mr Salmond’s last debate performance was a winner. Well, that is a matter of opinion, since he merely shouted over what Alistair Darling was saying, with the effect being to try to drown out arguments he did not want to hear.

That is not debating. I do not believe that anyone who was not already partisan will have been converted by Mr Salmond, but his adoring followers clearly think they are on a winner.

I remember a similar wave of complete conviction in Scotland back in 1978 when our national football team was heading over to Argentina,
certain of World Cup victory.

So all-consuming was that conviction that even the Post Office produced stamps in
advance to commemorate Scotland’s victory. Alas, Scotland crashed out of the World Cup in short order and (manager) Ally MacLeod was left with his head in his hands.

In 2014, I think that there are many amongst the separatist community who have a similar belief in victory in the destruction of the UK.

Their Argentinian moment is shortly to come.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive