Arrogant Cabinet

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Prime Minister David Cameron bade farewell to former culture secretary Maria Miller with the words: “I hope you will be able to return to the Cabinet in the future,” which is politician-speak for “don’t worry, Maria, you will be back in the Cabinet if we win the next election.”

David Laws, who was caught helping himself to taxpayers’ funds, is now back in the 
Cabinet telling teachers that the taxpayer can’t afford to pay them a decent wage.

Bill Jamieson’s summary of Maria Miller’s attitude as “conceited, arrogant and lacking humility” (Perspective, 10 April) could be levelled at any number of the current career politicians.

The new Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, who appeared last night on Question Time, certainly displayed the first two characteristics.

It will beinteresting to see if humility has a place in his 

Mike Underwood

Frairs Brae