Another march

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Another march driven by drums along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, so it must be Saturday. Who was it this time, the victims or the oppressors? Gay Pride, anti-bedroom tax? The Orange Order? City of Pittsburgh Transgender Pipe Band? The Royal Regiment of Brigadoon? Better Together, or Ever Apart? Pro-Palestine? Anti- Israel? Save Syria? Bomb Syria? or just plain Bugger Syria?

The strange thing is, that looking down on town marches from 100 yards away – from my Old Town garden – they all look, behave and often even sound exactly the same, and are equally pointless. Parades of hot air, hubris and noise pollution … but march on, dear friends, I suppose that you are mostly harmless and it keeps you out of mischief.

David Fiddimore

Nether Craigwell

Calton Road, Edinburgh